Dynamic Replenishing Gel-Cream


– 50ml

– Replumps, Fortifies, Brightens

– Natural anti-exposome shield: Protects the skin from the adherence and penetration of pollution micro-particles, as well as from oxidative stress.
Replenishing active hydration: boosts moisture flow and reduces insensible water loss. Illuminates the complexion and strengthens the skin barrier by boosting microcirculation and cell renewal.

– Illuminating pearls: Capture and reflect light for an immediate fresh and luminous effect

– Exclusive LPG® Complex: Hydrates, Activates, Stimulates

– Apply the product with both hands from the chin to the cheeks, from the nose to the temples, and from the middle to the outside of the forehead. Finish by sliding your hands from the chin along the contours of your jawline, downwards to the bottom of the neck and onto the décolletage. Finish with energising patting movements for revived skin.


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