MESOTHERAPY from the Greek word ‘Mesos’ meaning middle of or in between. It is one of the most safest technique for face lift, brightening and slimming.


Botox is injecting ‘foreign’ substance “Botulinium toxin” into the MUSCLE. Botulinium toxin blocks nerve signals to muscle. As a result, injected muscles could not contract.

Mesotherapy is injecting “Natural substances” that is already in our body such as Hyaluronic acid, etc. It is injected into the skin (Dermis). Very effective, safe and immediate effect.

Please bear in mind that medical aesthetic professionals using intradermal injections must bear the CE marking which guarantees safety, quality and efficacy.

RESET Medical Aesthetic Clinic is an exclusive authorised distributor in the UK.

Our Solution

100% all natural, non-invasive and non-surgical

a. our LPG Endermologie is the latest and most advanced which is 3x more effective

b. CE marking on products which guarantees safety, quality and efficiency

c. FDA-approved products with clinical studies and proven effective and safe

d. The application of ENDERMOLOGIE exclusive professional care products are included for each treatment.

e. Consultation fee is waived when you avail treatments and/or products

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